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South Sound Photo

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Year 1 Complete!

South Sound Trichsters (SST) was formed a year ago this month. My partner in crime Ohfeelya and I met through the TLC FB page and have met monthly ever since. WE have had fellow trichsters come and go and filter on average 5 e-mails a month inquiring about our little group. 

Forming SST has made me more aware and confident of my trich. It has really given me a chance to look at how I have in the past allowed trich to control my day to day routine. I can honestly say that meeting monthly to talk about trich has made all of my personal relationships stronger because I am not ashamed. I know that trich is something I can not always control and I DID NOT ask for it, nor do I "deserve" it.

I would like to thank all my supportive friends and family. A HUGE thank you to the lovely Ohfeelya for agreeing to take this fun filled support group on with me. It's been an interesting journey but I am glad I get to share it with you and our fellow trichsters!

Much Love!


It's been Awhile.

Slacking, yup that'd be me. 

If you have read the older posts you know I attempted to quit pulling again (keyword: AGAIN). If you have trich or any other implusive disorder than you likely no I failed. However, it hasn't set me back mentally. I know I am stonge and beautiful regardless the strage of "recovery" I am in.

The above section was written 8/14/12

NOW nearly a month later, I have kept my hands to myself about 90% of the time. Which is a vast improvement. Not only has my close friends and husband noticed the difference aka texture appearing on my face, my co-workers have also noticed.