South Sound Photo

South Sound Photo

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So, we're in the 3rd month already how'd that happen so fast? I haven't kept my fingers down so much for them goals.... However, I did pull it together I am headed to TLC's conference in Chicago woot woot!!!

So, Life has been pretty good, got my hair did not just a cut but some fun color too. My neighbor has an in home salon, very private. I did chat with her about Trich she was super friendly and supportive. I'd totally send folks her way that are looking for a new hair do but have anxiety about the big box salons. Amy has a place in Issaquah and in Puyallup here is her website

All in all life is busy with work and school and I haven't had much time to practice hands'd think I am so busy I wouldn't have time to pull...oh well some days it is what it is and I shouldn't beat myself up.