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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where did April Go?

Good Morning, afternoon and HAPPY Spring!

Sorry the blog has not been kept up on. Wow, I need to put a reminder on the calender or an alarm on my phone to get me to blog on a more regular bases. 

Well, exciting news within the peer group of SST we had a new member join that has been actively attending weekly meetings! Wooohoo a vision from over a year ago is coming to life right before my eyes. 

It seems for me (I can not speak for the other members) the more weekly interaction I have with others that also have trich the more comfortable in my skin I feel. I don't have to be a shame of this behavior. I need to recognize when I am doing it and deal with it head on. 

Over the last year I have told more friends, family and co-workers about trich than I think I have during my entire life (I have lived with trich for a startling 22 years WOW). With the support of my loved ones, friends, co-workers and my newest friends within SST I have successfully quit pulling my eye lashes for more than 8 months! They aren't super long but guess what they are mine!!!!:) 

This Wednesday night I'm headed to Chicago for TLC's annual conference. So excited to connect with other folks that get it and to hear the latest research!!! I'll try to remember to post when I get back....perhaps a reminder should be put in my phone right this very second. 

Until next time!