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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind...


My goodness how time flies. Much unlike my comiserator, Brow2ful, I haven't made any healing goals for myself regarding trich. Perhaps I am in denial but I keep telling myself that when my stress levels go down (thhbbbbt!) someday, it will be easier to address this disorder. I think after graduate school I will make the trek up to Seattle on a weekly basis for some intensive behavoiral therapy. I started taking NAC again just to make a good faith effort and it hasn't had the same effect as when I first started taking it.

I find that my trich hot spots move around. Anyone else? I'll have times when I pull only from my head and my eyebrows and eyelashes get super voluptuous --- then a month or so later I'll move on to my eyebrows. I wonder if others have a similar pattern.

Allow me to bitch for a moment--- I know we all are extra sensitive about "bad hair days" but I've been extra angry in the morning because I have grow out on the back top part of my head and I've been having major Alfalfa isues going on recently. Makes me want to shave my head and give myself a friar type cut.

Anyway, I've been seeing a 'regular' counselor who knows nothing about trick but she's helping me develop better habits to deal with stress. I take comfort in that at least.

Also, meeting with Brow2ful and having really open and frank talks about our issues really gives me courage in living with this disorder and actually working through my anxiety when I make the dreaded hair salon appointment. Speaking of... I think I will do that now and quit putting it off. My split ends are grody!

In solidarity,


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