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Thursday, September 1, 2011


South Sound Trichsters

Founded: September 2011

Mission: To enrich each others lives through the shared experience of Trichotillomania (pickers welcome too!) because no one should feel "crazy" alone!

Vision: To create a safe space for people with trichotillomania to meet, talk and share the journey of dealing with this disorder.

Blah blah blah, warm fuzzies, everybody feels loved and welcomed, etc, etc, so on and so forth.

Honestly, the only reason I feel compelled to start this blog is because I am sick of hiding. I'm a well-adjusted, successful, educated, freaking badass woman and I feel like I have this HUGE secret. Ha! Is it even really a secret? You know you can tell when someone notices you have no eyelashes or some oblivious dude asks why you color in your eyebrows and you hear the same shit coming out of your mouth "Well you see, my hair is really dark but my eyebrows and eyelashes are almost blonde and it looks funny so I color them in to match my hair." Pssh. I can hear the partial lie escaping my lips and it fills me with teenage angst... and I'm 27.

Really I just want to talk with people that understand what I'm going through. People that know what I mean when I say "They just don't FEEL right, so they have to go." People that will hear my story and not think "Wow, what a freak" or make some short dismissive quip about "Just quit, it's all about willpower." That shit makes me want to punch something and I KNOW you feel the same way... even if you don't swear as much as I do.

So anyway, you're invited to join me: Ohfeelya and my girl (name to be chosen) for an informal, unconventional "support group" of sorts.

South Sound Trichsters

Wednesdays at 7pm

Elmer's Lounge, private-ish booth off to the side (ask the Manager using the group name and he'll know)

7427 South Hosmer Street
Tacoma, WA 98408-1220

There are no expectations when you come. You can share your whole story or not, we support you where you are and how you are now. Confidentiality and anonymity among attendees is important.

Speaking of: I encourage you to create a Trich Name. I have always secretly wished to be a Roller Derby Girl and have envied their sassy, inappropriate, in-your-face names and so since I can't be one (alas Grad School takes up too much time and $$) I have created my own Trich Name: Ohfeelya.

You better believe I'm going to make a shirt but more on that later...

Pull-free: Zero days.



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