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South Sound Photo

Friday, September 16, 2011

Say What Trich???

South Sound Trichsters (SST) has been a year long dream! July of 2010 I went to my 1st Trichotillomania Learning Center (TLC) 1 day conference in Seattle, WA. It was an amazing experience to meet people just like me. CRAZY.... I am not the only one that pulls out my hair?? For nearly 21 years I thought I was alone with the beast not so fondly referred to as Trich for short.

Never the less long story short I attended the TLC 25 anniversary conference, April of 2011 in San Fran, CA. Once I returned home I was on a mission to get the word out to start some sort of support group. I started posting on TLC's facebook page looking for people in the area. A couple months later FINALLY someone answered my post, I couldn't be fulfilling this mission without OhFeelYa!

So come one come all meet us for an evening of chatter about the crazy things we know what I am talking about ;-p


1- whole day pull free

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